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Presidents Cup Trophy in Dublin, Ohio

Presidents Cup Trophy in Dublin, Ohio

Hello from the International Team and from my home in Florida. I hope the weather is beginning to warm up wherever you are, and you are dusting off your clubs getting ready for summer.  I’ve been in full-planning mode for The Presidents Cup since being named captain back in May, but we’re definitely getting busier and busier as the months fly by. I’m pleased to take some time and give you an update on how things are coming together.

The biggest development is that we had our first official International Team meeting a few weeks ago at the World Golf Championships-Cadillac Championship. Doral is just a short drive from home for me, and it was a great opportunity to get together with the guys and spend some time talking about tactics and the competition itself. A total of 13 potential team members attended, and two of my captain’s assistants were able to join me – Mark McNulty and Tony Johnstone – so it was wonderful for them to be there and to spend time with a few of the guys they had never met before.  Our week together in October is going to be intense to say the least, so I think it’s important that we get to know each as much as possible before we get there. 

 You might be surprised to hear this, but Doral was my first opportunity to meet Jason Day and Marcus Fraser. I was very impressed with both young men. They’re talented young players, of course, but will have a lot to offer in the team room as well. Both are within the top 15 of the standings and have a great chance of making the team.

Speaking of standings, I’m really starting to track the points more closely now – checking the world rankings and performances of potential team members on a weekly basis. It’s interesting to note that Australians and South Africans are dominating the top 10, with Hiroyuki Fujita of Japan and KJ Choi of Korea the lone exceptions. With two big tournaments on the horizon – the Masters and THE PLAYERS Championship – I expect to see a lot of movement over the next few months. This is always a fun time of year to watch golf, and that’s even more true for me now as a captain.

 As always, thanks for your support of The Presidents Cup. I look forward to sharing another update after THE PLAYERS, when I hope to be celebrating a few big wins by my soon-to-be International Team members.

 Until next time….

Have you ever volunteered to plan a special event for a group? Maybe a high school class reunion, bridal shower, work gathering or birthday party? It seems easy enough at first. All you have to do is find a venue, send invitations and provide food, right? Ahh, if only it were that easy. Many times planning even the smallest events can cause lots of stress.

If you have been volunteered to plan an event or maybe you were a brave soul and volunteered yourself – here are some insider tips on how to plan a unique event in Dublin.

Venues – Picking a venue should be one of your first steps in planning event, and Dublin has lots of options! Indoor, outdoor, private rooms, restaurants, parks….here are a few of our favorites:

The entrance at The Venue at Corazon.

The entrance at The Venue at Corazon.

The Venue at Corazon – Newly renovated and reopened in winter 2013, the Venue at Corazon is definitely one-of-a-kind. A vineyard, fireplaces, outdoor terraces, state of the art gym equipment and on-site catering make the facility a possible location for all types of events – corporate, weddings, rehearsal dinners, board meetings, etc.

Golf Club of Dublin – Some residents say Golf Club of Dublin has the prettiest sunset in Dublin. The back patio of the clubhouse overlooks the course and provides a stunning view during the warmer months of the year. Golf Club of Dublin is a public course that can work with a variety of groups.

Special set up for a bridal shower at TehKu!

Special set up for a bridal shower at TehKu!

TehKu – For a small, intimate event, try booking the private room (or possibly the entire facility). The owner, Inggrie, is not only creative, but always goes above and beyond to make an event special.

The Columbus Zoo & Aquarium – The #1 Zoo in America has a variety of indoor and outdoor meeting spaces. The Water’s Edge Pavilion (outdoor) can hold up to 10,000 guests. The Zoo not only has on-site catering, but they can also arrange to have animals present at your event. Pictures with a snow leopard or baby kangaroo are always a hit!

Dublin Arts Center – Another venue with breathtaking views! The Arts Council is the gorgeous, castle-like building off Riverside Drive along the Scioto River. There are special rooms to accommodate groups as small as 8 or up to 140 if you use the outdoor space, too. Events are catered and managed by Bleu & Fig.

Vendors – Sometimes it’s the smallest details that make an event memorable. If you want guests to take home a special treat from an event, contact the Candle Lab. They can work with you to create one-of-a-kind scents and labels for individual candles for guests to take home. If you are thinking more along the lines of sweets, try Sisters Sweet Shoppe. Are your guests Ohio State fans? Give them each a box of Buckeye Crunch to take home. Have any popcorn lovers? Ask for individual bags of gourmet popcorn.

Catering – Love the unique restaurants in Dublin? Many will cater your events! Sunny Street Café (Avery/Perimeter Loop) is known for their amazing breakfast, and visitors such as AJ Hawk, Eric Clapton and Phil Mickelson have all recently stopped in.  They have delicious lunch specials, too, that can be catered.

For more information on event planning in Dublin, visit www.IrishIsAnAttitude.com

~ Post by Sam

For those of you who love Gone With the Wind, now you have an opportunity to be a part of the magic yourself! On Sunday, August 14 from 1-5 p.m. the Kelton House will recreate the Twelve Oaks Barbeque from Margaret Mitchell’s famous book. So take a step back with this live history event, and join the O’Hara family as they enjoy the hospitality of their neighbors, the Wilkes’, at Twelve Oaks.

Scott Caputo as Ashley Wilkes, Teresa Carstensen as Melanie Hamilton, Ann Dewitt as Scarlett O'Hara, Chuck Miller at John Wilkes.

This event will set the scene for one of the most popular films ever made.Visitors will have the opportunity to wander the Kelton House and visit with Scarlett O’Hara, Ashley Wilkes, John Wilkes, Melanie Wilkes, India Wilkes and Mammy. Also, be sure to listen for Scarlett’s “fiddle-dee-dee” as she begins her personal saga against the backdrop of the Civil War. Plus, you can experience firsthand Melanie Wilkes’ sweet personality in the face of Scarlett’s never-ending jealousy. There will be some other period characters wandering about too, including some discontent slaves, to make the day seem more realistic.

As a special treat Karen Stewart, a local member of the Gone With the Wind fan group, “Windies”, will be on site with her extensive collection of memorabilia, reproduction costumes, and stores regarding the groups passion for the book as well as the movie.

Time: 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Cost: $5/ person general admission OR $20/ person general admission and barbeque dinner; $10/ children under 12; children under 6 are free — reservations recommended.

Museum tours will be available throughout the day with no additional charge. This event is part of the Kelton House’s Civil War Sesquicentennial Event that includes a series of lectures and activities throughout 2011 to commemorate the War.


~ Post by Lexi