It’s that time of year again! (Finally!) Time to request a seat on the patio. Not EVERYONE loves to dine in the great outdoors, but a lot sure do. You just need to try to get a seat on any patio in Dublin for lunch or dinner to see the proof of that statement.

Lucky for all of us, there are a lot of ‘al fresco’ options in and around Dublin. That part is great.

Not so great is being asked to list my 5 favorite. If I had a choice, I would do 10, but alas….

I will give it a try.

Tucci's Patio

Tucci’s Patio

Tucci’s ~ Wonderful patio, umbrellas over every table. It is situated on Dublin Rd. so there is some traffic noise but it is nicely separated by the sidewalk and landscaping. Enjoy a Tucci Tini or sample one of many specialty drinks.

Cafe Istanbul ~ It would be tough to beat this patio. It is located behind the restaurant along the Scioto River. The stone walls, landscaping, natural surroundings and authentic Turkish food makes it a true escape.

El Vaquero (Shawnee Hills location) ~ If  you’re in the mood for Mexican food, then this is  the patio for you. One of the best things about this patio is that it is bigger than most, so more people get to enjoy it!  It is fully covered with open walls that can be closed if the weather demands it. Very nice….

Matt The Miller’s ~ Pond side patio on the east side of the building so on hot nights you get the shade of the building. You get a little Avery Rd traffic noise, but you won’t notice it much as you sip your $4 glass of wine under the umbrellas during happy hour!

Montgomery Inn ~ A little more formal than most patios because it has a full roof with walls that can close so the tables, chairs, and decor can be more ‘inside’ style. It’s view up on the hill is very pretty and we love the stone fireplace. A BBQ lovers paradise!

What’s your favorite patio to enjoy the nice weather in Dublin?

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Guest Post By Dawn Scheurle

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Owen, an energetic four year old who LOVES the new “Dinosaur Island” exhibit at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium that just hatched this week. Owen loved the “Dinosaws” so much that his mom had to go through the exhibit twice in one day!


Owen with the T-Rex at Dinosaur Island

Q: Owen, what did you see today?

A: Dinosaws! Lots of them. Their wings went up and down and made noises. They had babies with eggs! The lady gave me pictures of all the dinosaws so I could see if they eat meat or leaves. The sand pit had cool, soft sand and bones in it, but i couldn’t take them home. The long dinosaw was eating a tree, then the man buckled my seat belt, but I told him I can do it. He didn’t want me to fall out of the boat. 

Q: What happened on the boat?

A: We saw even more dinosaws and they squirted me a little, but mostly got mommy wet. And do you know what?

Q: What?

A: I ate a big pretzel after!

Q: Did you do anything else after?

A: I climbed and slided then we saw penguins, elephants, lions, monkeys, pretty birds, a dark building…. then we went to see the dinosaws again!


Dinosaur Island

Owen’s mom had a lot of great tips for seeing this fantastic new exhibit. They toured it first thing in the morning and there was no line. Stroller parking was easy as there was an area by the ticket booth as well as an area close to the boat ride if your little ones prefer to ride as long as possible. The attendants at the ride were great in making sure all the kids were buckled in safely  and if you would enjoy staying a little dryer- sit on the right hand side. The dinosaurs were all throughout the ride on both sides and very easy to view. There was nothing scary for any age. 

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium has many areas for picnicking- Owen and his mom found a shady spot by the Aquarium building. The Grange Insurance Stings, Wings N’ Playthings Park is very close to Dinosaur Island and a great place to rest while your kid enjoys the playground. 

When they returned mid-afternoon for round two of Dinosaur Island, there was about a ten minute wait for the ride itself, but you don’t notice the line because you were enjoying a shady walk beside the river with lots of dinosaurs at every turn. The waiting area by the boats also has a shaded cover and moves quickly. 

The “Zoo-it-All” wristbands are available at the front gate for $9.99 and include unlimited entry into Dinosaur Island, the Carousel, Bob Evans Express Train Ride and Jungle Jack’s Landing. They do not include entry to the zoo.

If you are planning a trip to the Zoo this summer, check out the Columbus Zoo/COSI Family Getaway Package  that includes discounted tickets to the Zoo, Zoombezi Bay and COSI!  

Now that the long awaited warm weather has graced us with its presence, it’s time to get outside! Pack up the family and head to Dublin this weekend to see some art in public places, visit the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium or splash around at Zoombezi Bay on their opening weekend!

Zoombezi Bay

Zoombezi Bay

Zoombezi Bay has attractions for every member of the family. Fly down 17 state of the art water slides, bob in the wave pool or relax in the lazy river (Crocktail Creek is my personal favorite spot).

TIP: If your little one likes or loathes being splashed- there is a large barrel that dumps 500 gallons of water every few minutes in Barracuda Bay. Listen for the ships bell that dings when the barrel gets full to either prepare to get soaked or make a quick escape!

Many new additions have been made at Zoombezi to enhance the experience.


  • Cabanas with overhead fans, refrigerators and safes have been placed throughout the park
  • The new ZOOMPASS is a virtual ride reservation that holds your spot in line while you maximize fun!
  • Zoombezi Bay will have several special offer days:
  • Mondays: Students in the Sun- $10 discounts with student ID or grade card.
  • Tuesdays: Season Pass Appreciation Days- discounts on food and beverage, gift shop items and ZOOMPASS.
  • Wednesdays: Safety in the Sun- learning programs and discounts for the achievement of safety programs.
  • Thursdays: Fun in the Sun- Live entertainment at various times throughout the day.
Zoombezi Bay

Dolphin Dash, Zoombezi Bay

Opening Weekend Hours: May 18 & 19 from 10:30 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Zoombezi Bay opens daily beginning May 23 at 10:30 a.m. Closing times vary each day.

Visit for more info.

If you’re planning on going to the Zoo and Zoombezi Bay, check out the Family Getaway Package that includes discounted tickets to the #1 Zoo, Zoombezi Bay, the # 1 Science Center, COSI, and discounts at Dublin area attractions and restaurants!

A Florida Reserve soldier says an emotional goodbye to his family before leaving for the Gulf War zone.

This guest post was provided by Mark Holbrook, Marketing Manager of the Ohio Historical Society.

Anger and frustration, humor and beauty, camaraderie and death, victory and defeat. Just a few of the emotions a soldier experiences during times of war. As a life-long student of military history, I have come to appreciate the roller coaster existence of a soldier’s life. Whether 150 years ago during the Civil War, 70 years ago in World War II or today in Afghanistan and Iraq, our soldiers represent a group of Americans whose courage and dedication are to be admired and recognized. So, I am very excited that here at the Ohio History Center, we will do just that with the opening of The American Soldier: A Photographic Tribute From the Civil War to Iraq on July 1st.

I first learned of this exhibit from the curator, Cyma Rubin in 2008 when we featured her exhibit Capture the Moment: The Pulitzer Prize Photographs. Cyma explained to me then that she felt compelled to gather images of our soldiers to tell their stories through photographs. As I looked at the preliminary materials, following the photographs through every American conflict since war photography began, I was struck by the timelessness of the images. While the uniforms changed, you get a sense that these soldiers all came from the same experience. And perhaps that is true because soldiers come to their work for the same reasons: duty, honor, commitment. I am looking forward to going through the exhibit myself and seeing these images presented in near life-size to get the full impact of their stories.

Equally as moving for us as Ohioans are the three new exhibits we are opening on July 1st as well. Follow the Flag, an exhibit I have had the honor to work on myself, features the largest display of conserved Ohio Civil War battle flags, telling the stories of brave Buckeyes in Blue. Over Here, Over There and at Home: Ohioans in Time of War explores Ohio’s proud tradition of military service on the front and at home. Connecting to Your History is a hands-on experience where you can find ancestors and your place in Ohio’s past.

Admission: $5/ youth, $10/ adult, free for Ohio Historical Society members.

For more information call 614-297-2300 or visit

The Ohio Historical Society is located at 800 E. 17th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43211, just off of I-71 at exit 111. The Dublin CVB is proud to partner with this center of learning.

Trying to figure out what to do for your family reunion this summer?

The O'Reilly Clan's Reunion

Entertaining the toddlers, pre-teens, adults and everyone in between is no easy task. Common issues arise such as; Who’s bringing the potato salad? Uncle Larry is not going to want to sit in the heat. How long will everyone have to travel?

Here at the Dublin CVB, we believe summer is a time to slow down and have some fun. Check out our Planner Toolkit and see why Dublin is so great to hold a gathering (apart from our immense Irish Attitude) the Bureau’s Free Services help you find the right places to hold your reunion — perhaps one of our 52 accredited parks or our Riverbox/Geocaching adventure will suit you?

The Dublin CVB has about 30 experiences* that groups can enjoy. Our Irish activities bring out the ‘Irish Attitude’ in visitors and our local partner attractions.

The City also has great multi-cultural attractions that we want families to do if a wee bit o’ Ireland isn’t right for them.

The Dublin CVB’s new ‘Around the World in Dublin, Ohio’ experiences offer a behind-the-scenes look, taste, touch and smell of various cultures and regions. Did you miss our ‘Big Group Fun’ blog post?  These custom activities, like the tour of Ohio’s only professional bat maker, also provide new ways for local reunion planners to experience Dublin and show off their hometown to family members. Learn how Dublin locals can Bring an Event Home and Win a Weekend Getaway.

Tour of Phoenix Bat Company

But don’t just take our word for it. Read the story of the O’Reilly Clan featured in the latest issue of Reunions Magazine. They had their first combined reunion in Dublin, Ohio last August. Although they did not take advantage of the tourism programs, they did center their reunion around the Dublin Irish Festival. 

Here’s a clip of what the Rockford, Illinois planner had to say:

Dublin Irish Festival- Gatherings at the Pond

“I wish every family could experience having a reunion in Dublin.” Tim Reilly said. “70 year old men were hugging and kissing me because it was the grandest affair they had ever attended. The atmosphere in Dublin, Ohio is special. We were a part of the whole celebration. Everywhere we went we felt special.”

*Most tourism programs are available exclusively to groups staying at one of Dublin’s 14 hotels.

To learn more contact Allison Potter:
Twitter: @alli_DublinCVB

Ahhh… the cleansing strength of lemon zest, the pleasing scent of cinnamon, and the recovery powers of magnesium sulfate…

Magnesium sulfate?

Celtic Naturals, a Dublin-based handcrafted soap company, is true to its name and its mission.  All of their products are based on natural essential oils, not synthetics, and every ingredient has a purpose.

Celtic Naturals- Aviary Soaps

Celtic Naturals- Aviary Soaps

I got the chance to sit down with Angela Buckley, owner and head soapstress of Celtic Naturals. Who better to understand the benefits of magnesium sulfate than an Ohio State graduate with an engineering degree?

“Your skin is your largest organ,” said Angela. “It’s important to keep it healthy just like the rest of your body.”

Before the birth of the one-year old Celtic Naturals, Angela was working at Ashland Chemical, headquartered in Dublin.

“I rode my bike to work every day, unless the weather would prevent it, and being in that outdoor environment can be hard on your skin,” said Angela. “I wanted to make something that would be helpful to all athletes. When you’re focused on your workout, it’s easy to ignore your skin.”

As a seasoned tri-athlete, Angela knows how distance running, biking and swimming can affect your skin’s health. Her passion for triathlons paired with her efforts for environmental activism created a series of products that are guaranteed all-natural and effective. Don’t worry–you don’t have to swim  laps all day to be a customer . Celtic Naturals is committed to crafting a product that is good for the environment and easy for everyone to use.

“I want my soaps to be useful,” said Angela. “Yes, they are more expensive than a 97 cent soap from a drug store, but Celtic Natural soaps don’t dry out your skin. So in the end you are using less lotion because the soaps are so effective.”

Celtic Naturals does carry a line of lotions as well as lip balms, bath salt-bombs, and hand sanitizer. There are three different product lines for what your skin may need:

Celtic Naturals- The Sport Soaps

The Sport Line - Chain Bite Citrus

The Sport Line : For the sport enthusiast. Keep your skin in 1st place with soaps like Wetsuite A-Peel, Chain-Bite Citrus and Re-Cycle Mint.

The Aviary Line : For the outdoor enthusiast. It’s hard to stay clean when you’re gardening- try soaps with names inspired by birds- like Orange Oriole, Western Scrub Jay, Cinnamon-Bellied Flowerpiercer, or Brewer’s Blackbird (uses coffee to remove odors and dirt stains!)

The Heritage Line : The newest line from Celtic Naturals. Each soap is inspired by a different region and all have an antibacterial property. Try European Winters!

So why is magnesium sulfate good for your skin?

“Celtic Natural bath bombs are made out of Epsom salt which is primarily a magnesium sulfate,” said Angela. “ Research shows that magnesium can effectively enter the body through the skin.  Magnesium has been proven to reduce muscle soreness and spasms.”

Bath Salts & All-Natural Sanitizer

You can find Angela’s products online at or at Serendip, a unique store in Powell, Ohio. Your skin will thank you.

Angela Buckley

-post by Allison

In less than a year, Dublin, Ohio will host one of the largest events ever to be held in our city when the Canadian-American Police-Fire Games comes to town, August 15-22, 2010. The games will include 58 events and will attract an estimated 2,500 police, fire and EMS participants from across North Dublin OH Can Am Police Fire GamesAmerica. It is expected to generate an economic impact of more than $3.5 million to the local economy—as competitors and their families flock to Dublin, enjoying our outstanding hotels, attractions, restaurants and more.

The events will kick off with an opening ceremony that promises to be memorable to everyone in attendance. It will feature live music, SWAT team and K-9 demonstrations, a tug-of-war competition, a parade of flags, bagpipes and more. And that’s just the beginning. The following week will hold exciting displays of Olympic-type athleticism among the strongest police and firefighters in North America. Events will include Archery, Cycling, Bench Press, Police Motorcycle Skills, Pistol, Narcotics Dog, Toughest Firefighter Alive, Toughest Competitor Alive and many others. Competitions will be held at various locations across central Ohio with the event’s headquarters and accommodations for participants in Dublin.

How did Dublin land such a large international event? Can-Am Games officials selected Dublin for the 2010 Games from among 59 cities, chiefly for its strong community support and spirit. And that’s what we’re going to deliver. This is a great opportunity for local residents to get involved. Volunteers will be needed to assist with the events. Fans and spectators (admitted free to events) are encouraged to come cheer on the competitors—and show them a warm Ohio welcome. Online registration is now open for competitors and is limited, for some events. (Go here for more information.) For fans and spectators—stay tuned for details. This is going to be one event that you won’t want to miss.

-Post by Mary