Ahhh… the cleansing strength of lemon zest, the pleasing scent of cinnamon, and the recovery powers of magnesium sulfate…

Magnesium sulfate?

Celtic Naturals, a Dublin-based handcrafted soap company, is true to its name and its mission.  All of their products are based on natural essential oils, not synthetics, and every ingredient has a purpose.

Celtic Naturals- Aviary Soaps

Celtic Naturals- Aviary Soaps

I got the chance to sit down with Angela Buckley, owner and head soapstress of Celtic Naturals. Who better to understand the benefits of magnesium sulfate than an Ohio State graduate with an engineering degree?

“Your skin is your largest organ,” said Angela. “It’s important to keep it healthy just like the rest of your body.”

Before the birth of the one-year old Celtic Naturals, Angela was working at Ashland Chemical, headquartered in Dublin.

“I rode my bike to work every day, unless the weather would prevent it, and being in that outdoor environment can be hard on your skin,” said Angela. “I wanted to make something that would be helpful to all athletes. When you’re focused on your workout, it’s easy to ignore your skin.”

As a seasoned tri-athlete, Angela knows how distance running, biking and swimming can affect your skin’s health. Her passion for triathlons paired with her efforts for environmental activism created a series of products that are guaranteed all-natural and effective. Don’t worry–you don’t have to swim  laps all day to be a customer . Celtic Naturals is committed to crafting a product that is good for the environment and easy for everyone to use.

“I want my soaps to be useful,” said Angela. “Yes, they are more expensive than a 97 cent soap from a drug store, but Celtic Natural soaps don’t dry out your skin. So in the end you are using less lotion because the soaps are so effective.”

Celtic Naturals does carry a line of lotions as well as lip balms, bath salt-bombs, and hand sanitizer. There are three different product lines for what your skin may need:

Celtic Naturals- The Sport Soaps

The Sport Line - Chain Bite Citrus

The Sport Line : For the sport enthusiast. Keep your skin in 1st place with soaps like Wetsuite A-Peel, Chain-Bite Citrus and Re-Cycle Mint.

The Aviary Line : For the outdoor enthusiast. It’s hard to stay clean when you’re gardening- try soaps with names inspired by birds- like Orange Oriole, Western Scrub Jay, Cinnamon-Bellied Flowerpiercer, or Brewer’s Blackbird (uses coffee to remove odors and dirt stains!)

The Heritage Line : The newest line from Celtic Naturals. Each soap is inspired by a different region and all have an antibacterial property. Try European Winters!

So why is magnesium sulfate good for your skin?

“Celtic Natural bath bombs are made out of Epsom salt which is primarily a magnesium sulfate,” said Angela. “ Research shows that magnesium can effectively enter the body through the skin.  Magnesium has been proven to reduce muscle soreness and spasms.”

Bath Salts & All-Natural Sanitizer

You can find Angela’s products online at www.celtic-naturals.com or at Serendip, a unique store in Powell, Ohio. Your skin will thank you.

Angela Buckley

-post by Allison


WOW!!! What a difference a couple of days makes. Dublin patios are really hopping today in this fabulous weather, Oscar's-Historic Dublin OHafter a long winter’s sleep. The Dublin Village Tavern (which I can see from my window) has been full today. And I can tell from the parking lot that La Chatelaine’s patio is busy as well. J Liu’s and Oscar’s also offer outdoor seating. So, come on over to the BriHi District in Historic Dublin, Ohio this weekend for great relaxation and food (after all that yard work).


By the way …. do you know what “BriHi” stands for? The first person that posts the correct answer to this question on our blog wins a fun Irish-inspired prize!  (Really!)  Sorry, but City of Dublin employees and Historic Dublin merchants can’t enter! 🙂


-Post by Kay



In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, today’s post is written by Cathy Jo Smith–co-chair of the Storytellers of Central Ohio, a member of the Dublin (OH) Irish Festival Cultural Committee since 2001 and mourner-in-chief of the Irish Wake Tent at the festival since 2000.

They say the whole world is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s only fair–since Patrick, himself, wasn’t Irish either. He was the son of a Roman magistrate living somewhere along the British coast (let the historians fight over exactly where). He St Patrick in Dublin, Ohiowas kidnapped into Ireland as a slave. He did manage to escape and return home, but (like so many of us) he’d fallen in love with the Irish land and its people.  So, he returned to spend the rest of his life bringing his faith and love to the Emerald Isle.  He is credited with doing many good things, but he did NOT drive snakes out of Ireland. There were never snakes in Ireland to begin with–nor toads or lizards.

St. Patrick’s Day is a good time to add a little Irish to your language. Here are a couple of phrases that might come in handy.

  • You can wish someone Beannachtaí na Féile Pádriaig (ban-AWK-tee nah FAY-luh PAWD-rig): “Blessings of the feast of Patrick.” Or just wish them, Árd na nÉireannach (ahrd nah NAIR-in-ach): “the luck of the Irish.”  After all, if you’re Irish, you’re lucky enough!
  • A favorite Irish toast is Sláinte, which literally means “health!”  Another option would be to say, Sláinte is táinte (Slawn-sha iz TAWN-sha): “to health AND wealth!”

I’ll leave you with an Irish blessing …  ”May you be poor in misfortunes, rich in blessings, slow to make enemies and quick to make friends!”   Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Dublin, Ohio! 

(To learn more about the 2009 St. Patrick’s Day Celebration in Dublin, Ohio– visit www.IrishisanAttitude.com or www.Dublin.oh.us)