I’ve learned a lot about this Emerald City. One thing I’ve noticed is the special pride that pulses through a Dubliner’s veins. You could say we “bleed green” and collectively I know we make this city’s heart beat. Our professional workforce, entrepreneurs, educators, religious groups, service volunteers even our seasoned golfers work together with a fantastic hum that keeps this community so alive.

Dublin (OH) Irish Festival

Those that have left Dublin, Ohio still take a piece of Irish Attitude with them and now–that connection can mean influence.  That’s why I am inviting Dubliners, local and abroad, to help make Dublin, Ohio an even better place to live and work. All you have to do is Bring Your Event Home.

You may have your “real job” but at the same time you might be affiliated with another organization. This organization could directly relate to your career or maybe it’s your favorite hobby. For instance, you could work for Cardinal Health by day and be a toy tin train collector by night. Perhaps you’re looking for wedding accommodations or you’re planning a reunion? Whether your group is professional or of personal interest, you can positively impact Dublin by referring your events to the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau.

What do meetings mean to the City of Dublin?

The economic impact of a meeting or function in Dublin reaches far and wide. Meeting and event attendees who stay at Dublin’s hotels spend money directly in the City on dining, transportation and entertainment. Could you imagine a Dublin, Ohio without these vital programs, services and events? Here are just some of the things that are funded (at least in part) by the City’s bed tax:

Old Man's Cave Chalets Hocking Hills OH

What do I have to do?
You don’t have to be your organization’s decision-maker or meeting planner. Most likely referrers are professionals actively involved in government agencies, medical or trade associations, hobby or religious groups on either a state or national level. You just have to let me know some basic information about your group. You can stay involved throughout the bid, if you choose. Having local influence during the selection process has proven to help the city be chosen. Open your group’s eyes to Dublin and I’ll try my best to bring them here.

What do I win?
Every month, those who submit a qualified lead will be entered into a drawing to win dinner for two at one of Dublin’s signature restaurants. If the lead you submit is booked at one of our 15 Dublin hotels, you could receive our Grand Prize–
A free weekend stay at Old Man’s Cave Chalets in the beautiful Hocking Hills. You’ll be able to wander through Ash Cave and see its waterfall or explore Conkle’s Hollow. With more than 10,000 acres of deep forests, hidden trails, soaring cliffs, and sheltering caves, Hocking Hills offers some of the most unique outdoor attractions in Ohio.

Who do I contact?

Allison Potter

Feel free to give me a call or an email– I would love to hear from you!

Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Dublin (OH) Convention & Visitors Bureau’s new SMERF Sales and Marketing Manager.  I am a SMERF.  A what? Leatherlips Dublin OHA Smert? A Merf? A little blue creature that ran around in a forest during the 1980’s a.k.a Smurf?  Well since I spawned from the 80’s, I might be that too … but my title encompasses all that’s green instead of blue.

SMERF is a tourism industry term that stands for Social, Military, Educational, Religious and Fraternal. So if your organization falls under any of those categories, you may be working with me.

I just began my position at the Dublin Convention and Visitors Bureau about two weeks ago and I’ve been soaking up every bit o’ Irish knowledge. Since I need to be an expert about this city, I’ve been exploring all of its opportunities.

My travels have  included viewing the Dublin Arts Council’s Art in Public Places.  I never knew corn on the cob could look so cool!  Malcom Cochran, an Ohio artist, commemorated Dublin’s history as a farming community by creating a field of 109 human-sized ears of corn. The Field of Corn (with Osage Orange Trees) even has a parking area so you can get out of your car and strike a pose with your favorite cob.

One of my favorite sites is Scioto Park. A 12-foot high sculpture of Chief Leatherlips watches over the park’s sprawling hill that rolls towards the river. There’s an outdoor stage that’s ready for summer concerts and shelter houses that are perfect for get-togethers.

Seeing the Dublin sites has been very informative, but most of my time is spent in Historic Dublin’s BriHi District … in an office.  It has proven to be a wonderful place to work. The CVB office bustles above the Visitor Information Center that we keep freshly stocked with area maps, brochures and tourist information. The welcoming environment and friendly co-workers has made my huge transition much easier.

So has TehKu Tea Company, located right down the street.  I’m a sucker for the restaurant’s tea of the day and organic food selections. It has inspired me to get my own tea press. I’m also inspired to adopt-a-lion from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, after I had a meeting there. We’ll see what happens first.

Since mid-August I’ve been living in Dublin. Now that I’m working for Dublin I’m immersed in learning about the events, hotels, history and beauty. As a former Ohio State Buckeye, I feel like I’m having a love affair between these two areas. What can I say? Irish is an attitude and Dublin, Ohio is stealing my heart.

-Post by Allison