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Located at the Shoppes at River Ridge, The Pint Room is a newcomer to the Dublin food scene. The “burger bar” opened in late December to the delight of meat and beer lovers everywhere.

The Pint Room’s menu features a variety of classic bar food with gourmet twists (try the “Bistro Fries” with BBQ braised short ribs, Ohio cheddar, sour cream and roasted vegetable relish as an appetizer) including the restaurant’s signature burgers (all made with a blend of USDA Prime Chuck and Kobe beef on a fresh brioche roll). Can’t decide? Here are some suggestions:

Pint Room 1

California Burger

1. Hangover – Ohio smoked cheddar, double smoked bacon, mini hash browns, sunny side egg and vine ripe tomato

2. P-B-B & J – Peanut butter, double smoked bacon, Ohio Monterey jack cheese, strawberry preserves and fresh strawberry slices

3. California – Taleggio cheese, avocado slices, vine ripe tomato, arugula, alfalfa sprout and cherry pepper relish mayo

There’s also a selection of sandwiches (like the “Irish” with Ohio swiss, corned beef, chipotle aioli, sweet and spicy slaw on marble rye) and a monthly dessert. The full menu can be viewed here.

The Pint Room’s other obvious draw is its beer selection. There are over 100 crafts on tap including many Ohio brews. A complete list can be found here.

For more info, visit www.pintroomdublin.com or www.facebook.com/pintroomdublin.

Other Dublin-area restaurant suggestions can be found on our website, www.IrishIsAnAttitude.com 

~ Post by Dawn

Irish Approved sign

Irish Approved sign

Finding a little extra Irish attitude in Dublin, Ohio has never been easier! Now, all you have to do is look for the signs, and you’ll discover a fun and unique Irish experience!

Allow me to explain…

This year, we at the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau are launching the Irish Approved Business Program, a plan to promote local establishments that currently offer Irish-inspired activities or merchandise. Participating businesses will have a door decal signaling their “Irish Approved” status and be listed on IrishApproved.com.

Chosen businesses (and their features) include:

  • Tehku Tea Company – Irish tea blends including “Kiss Me, I’m not Irish” and “My Irish Blend”, green tea scones and Irish Colcannon potato soup. Groups: Irish tea tastings.
  • The Phoenix Bat Company – 
Mini-bat engraved with a shamrock (available with a tour).
  • Dublin Arts Council – Gift shop features a Celtic Corner with Irish-themed and uniquely
Dublin artwork by local and regional artists.
  • Sunny Street Café (Hospital Drive location) – Irish Corned Beef and Hash. Groups: Irish themed meals.
  • Crown Plaza Columbus-Dublin – Irish themed meeting rooms, Irish restaurant fare (Limerick Chowder, etc.) and Irish drinks in the pub (Guinness, Irish coffee)

For a complete list, visit IrishApproved.com.

~ Post by Dawn

*This post was written by our friend Jaclyn Reynolds, PR & Social Media Manager of COSI Columbus

Before we open a new exhibition here at COSI, we train our team members on the exhibition so they can be very helpful to our guests.  When we host a limited engagement exhibition like Mindbender Mansion and Amazing Mazes, you can probably guess that training involves a lot of playing in the exhibit.  And learning, of course!

I got a chance this week to poke my head in and see the exhibit.  Things are coming together really great.  Mindbender Mansion is ready to go and as I’m writing this, the Amazing Mazes portion is soon to follow.  See, we took Mindbender Mansion, which our friends at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) made, and combined it with a maze from our friends at Minotaur Mazes.  Mindbender Mansion features a lot of fun brain-teaser-type activities—both large and small–ranging from making six puzzle pieces into an octagon to making a balancing structure out of large nails to moving chairs on wheels to solve a puzzle.  The activities encourage teamwork but can also be fun to do on your own.   Amazing Mazes is a great addition because it takes that whole thought process of really challenging your brain even further with activities like climbing over an intricate web of ropes without getting tangled.  And did I mention there’s a really cool Prism Wall where you can create your own rainbow?  So fun.

Spelling Fever!

Spelling Fever!

I usually like to go into new exhibits and check them out but I am oddly timid when it comes to jumping right in and trying out activities within an exhibit.  I went in with a goal of taking some “sneak peek” pictures but ended up playing one activity three times!  Being a former spelling bee enthusiast myself I was excited to practice my spelling without the crutch of spell check in Spelling Fever.  Even better?  This activity asks you a trivia question and you have to spell the answer!  Even better than all of that?  You have to jump to each letter to spell the word.  Trivia, spelling AND a mini-workout?  Yes, please!  The activity asked me what part of the body contains the cortex and cerebellum.  Luckily since we just hosted BODY WORLDS & the Brain, I knew the answer.  The challenge was jumping to all the different letters to spell B-R-A-I-N.

I also checked out Feeding Frenzy – a game that you work to get wooden food shapes onto trays which are feeding quickly on a conveyer belt!  Yikes!  That was tough.  Everyone told me this exhibit is a team sport but I am very competitive – even when I’m up against myself.

I’m really excited about Mindbender Mansion and Amazing Mazes coming to COSI.  I can imagine grandparents having fun with their grandkids, friends challenging their friends, parents laughing with their kids – it really is a fun exhibit for everyone.  I hope to see you there!  Most likely I’ll be hogging the Spelling Fever activity!

*Catch Mindbender Mansion & Amazing Mazes at COSI from January 26 to April 28! 

~ Post by Jaclyn

*This is the final post of a three-part series.

The Shoppes at River Ridge

The Shoppes at River Ridge

In the last two posts, I’ve discussed tips on how to get healthy and suggestions for experiencing something new in 2013. Now, for the final feature of this series, I’d like to recommend a couple of ideas on how to make the best of “me-time”. We live in a stressful world, and it is extremely important to take time for you. So, with that being said, here are a few fun and relaxing ideas that you can do solo (or with friends, of course):

1. Take a decorating or baking class at Our Cupcakery. The February / March schedule is available here.

2. Indulge in some retail therapy (and lunch) at The Shoppes of River Ridge.

A pedicure at the Woodhouse Day Spa

A pedicure at the Woodhouse Day Spa

3. Create a cool, custom-scented candle to freshen your space at The Candle Lab.

4. Schedule a manicure, pedicure, massage or other signature service at the Woodhouse Day Spa.

*Other ideas can be found on the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau website – www.IrishIsAnAttitude.com!

~ Post by Dawn

*This is the second post of a three-part series.

Beginning Bead Stringing

Beginning Bead Stringing

A new year is the perfect opportunity to try something new, and whether your resolution was to try out a new hobby, discovering a unique locale or attending an exciting event, Central Ohio has something to meet your needs. Here are some of our suggestions for 2013:

1. Sign up for a craft class at 1 Stop Bead Shop. They have an assortment of lessons for all skill levels.

2. Take a trip to the past while exploring the Ohio Historical Center.

3. Tour the Kelton House Museum & Garden and learn what life was like in the 19th century.

Dancers at the Dublin Irish Festival

Dancers at the Dublin Irish Festival

4. Celebrate all things Irish at the 26th annual Dublin Irish Festival.

5. Attend the famed 2013 Presidents Cup and / or the Memorial Tournament presented by Nationwide Insurance!

*For more things to do, visit the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau at  www.IrishIsAnAttitude.com. 

~Post by Dawn


*This is the first of a three part series.

We’re just 10 days into 2013, and hopefully you’re still on track with keeping your New Year’s resolutions. We know it can be tough (research has shown that by the end of January about 40% of people have broken their resolutions), so we’ve happy to share some insider tips on how to maintain some of the most popular resolutions made each year. This first post focuses on how to get healthy. Whether you want to exercise or change you’re diet, there are ways to be successful, and Dublin is full of options.

Get Healthy


1. Stock up at Whole Foods – Whole Foods is known for their organic and natural products. An added bonus? They also  have locally grown produce and offer a variety of cooking classes for all ages and.

2. Go gluten-free – For many, a gluten-free diet is not a choice, but this has become a popular plan for others. Try a gluten-free pizza crust at Mellow Mushroom, gluten-free pasta at Oscar’s, or any of the items on Mezzo or Sunny Street Café’s gluten-free menus.

3. Work out at the Dublin Community Recreation Center – In addition to the 9,000+ square foot fitness center available to those looking to break a sweat, the facility has a number of healthy programs and activities scheduled.


4. Enjoy nature at one of Dublin’s parks – The City of Dublin has a total of 56 beautiful parks complete with walking trails, bike paths and playgrounds. Washington Township’s three parks (The Homestead, Ted Kaltenbach and Amlin Crossing) are other options for exploring the outdoors.

We hope this has been helpful.

*Stay tuned for our next post where we’ll discuss some ideas for those wanting to learn or experience something new this year.

~ Post by Dawn

*This is the first post of our new, monthly profile series that will highlight local businesses (and partners of the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau) in the Dublin area. 

Q & A with Lori Crock of MovNat Ohio

1. What is the practice of MovNat?

MovNat is moving naturally the way the human body is intended to move by walking, running, jumping, climbing, balancing, lifting, carrying, throwing and catching. Through the practice of MovNat, you become naturally, “all-over fit.” We teach safe and efficient movement progressions with training at our studio in Historic Dublin and outdoors at nearby Dublin parks.

Log jumps

Log jumps

2. How did you become familiar with this concept?

I read about MovNat on a friend’s blog and then attended a week-long MovNat workshop in a beautiful area of the mountains in West Virginia a couple years ago. After attending a couple more single day workshops, I began working with MovNat, LLC. as a communication consultant. Then, I founded MovNat Ohio with my business partner, Jeff Turner, after we became certified to teach MovNat. MovNat Ohio is the first MovNat Affiliate Gym in the world.

3. What different programs do you offer?

We offer a new program called Ultimate X-Training that includes MovNat, Kettlebells, TRX, body resistance exercise and weight-lifting, both indoors and outdoors – our system is all about “Fitness Freedom.” We provide fitness coaching in personal and small group sessions to people of all ages, skill levels and athletic abilities, including pre- and post-physical therapy. To fit our client’s busy schedules, we also offer online fitness and food coaching.

We host team-building workshops for sports teams and corporate organizations and we present a Lunch-and-Learn series called Fitness, Food and Fitting it Into a Busy Life. We also design custom fitness programs for Brides, through our Primal Bride program.

Creek Jump

Creek Jump

4. Describe some of the movements performed in a typical session.

For example, during a MovNat session we may teach people variations of jumping — on the ground, onto boxes, logs, whatever the environment presents, indoors and outdoors. Then we would walk them through the progressions focusing on efficiency of jumping form to progress our trainees to a high level of proficiency and they become very fit in the process.

Another example of a movement we teach is climbing. We have a custom climbing unit in the studio and teach people how to climb and in the process and again, they can achieve a high degree of physical conditioning while having fun learning a new skill.

We may also include kettlebell swings, a run, and maybe a lifting component … it really depends who’s in front of us, goals, and the challenge presented by the environment.

5. Do you have any upcoming programs scheduled?

Lori using kettlebells

Lori using kettlebells

We kick off our new series of classes — Ultimate X-Training, Tuesday and Thursday at 6 p.m., starting Jan. 15th. We will also have a Saturday at 9 a.m. class. The first two weeks of classes are free, but advance registration is required on our website.

We also offer a fun and very personalized Train-with-the-Trainer (we’ll be training along with you),on Tue. and Thu. at 6 a.m. with personal training attention for a special price.

We present a 4-hour Learn-to-Lift Workshop (Weights, Kettlebells, and other cool stuff) on Sat. Feb. 16, from 9-1, with a focus on teaching beginner and intermediate adults safe movement with good form. We are offering a MovNat Fundamentals Workshop that is a 1-day intensive, 10-4, on Saturday, March 9th.

*6. Is there any additional information you’d like to share?

We are a teaching fitness studio – not a bootcamp studio – and we believe in providing people with a solid foundation of knowledge about how to lift heavy stuff, move, get fit and be active to fit their life and achieve their very personal goals. We believe that fitness has to be simple, practical and sustainable – check us out at www.movnatohio.com

MovNat Ohio is located at 54 S. High Street in Historic Dublin. 

~ Post by Dawn

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