August 2011

Four years ago: Dublin Green (now named something else) was the long-time arch nemesis of my summer swim team, the Annehurst Piranhas.

Three months ago: I venture out of Westerville, where I was raised and never had to leave because honestly, I thought it had everything, to begin an internship with the Dublin CVB.

Today: I am wrapping up my time here to return to OU for one more year of youthful escapades before entering the real world and putting my skills to good use.

YIKES! Time sure flies. Three years ago I would be what some might call an elitist. My pride for my neighborhood bound me to a “hatred” (you all know the high school rivalry feeling) of Dublin. My town was so awesome that I never had to, nor had the desire to, go to other Columbus suburbs or learn anything about them. So this spring when I got hired to be the summer intern at the Dublin Convention and Visitors Bureau, naturally I was a little nervous.

How am I supposed to attract people to this place I know nothing about? Ok the Memorial Tournament is huge, but that will be over by the time I get there! Oh no… what else? Oh yea! The Dublin Irish Festival! But that is only 3 days out- how do I stretch that the whole summer??

 As my starting date loomed closer I began to become more nervous. Alas, the day arrived and I soon realized I had nothing to worry about. Dublin is awesome!

My co-worker Allison and I enjoying some Jeni's in Historic Dublin.

Besides the two obviously huge events that I have already mentioned, Dublin has a plethora of other great attractions. For example, Historic Dublin is absolutely adorable. It is filled with tons of shops, from cute boutiques to yummy candy stores, as well as food choices from all around the world!  (Seriously there is French, Irish, American, Asian, English and more!) Also, the third Thursday of every month is Sláinte Thursday, during which the shops stay open late and there is live music at many of the restaurants. Additionally, the Dublin CVB has partnerships with the Columbus Zoo, Zoombezi Bay, and COSI Columbus; places I recall greatly enjoying as a kid and still wish I had more time to visit as an adult.

Those are only sampling of the great things Dublin to offer! So turns out I had nothing to worry about, and now as a pro at all things Dublin, I encourage everyone to visit. With your choice of 14 great hotels and many package deals throughout the year, how can you say no? And don’t forget, you don’t need Irish in your blood, just in your soul!

For more information, please visit or call 614-792-7666.


~ Post by Lexi.

It’s hard to believe we are coming upon ten years since the tragic events of September 11, 2001.  We all remember where we were the exact moment it happened.  We remember the feeling of confusion, helplessness, anger and fear.  And soon thereafter, our unity and spirit brought us together to grieve, to reach out to our loved ones, to serve others, and vow that we would never forget.  To commemorate the tenth anniversary of this fateful day, the entire Dublin community is coming together to continue that vow, by hosting a breathtaking weekend-long observance. 

Dublin’s FIELD OF HONOR will take place from Saturday, September 10 through Monday, September 12.  Three thousand, full-size American flags will be posted onto one field representing each life lost on that day.  The moving tribute will take the efforts of hundreds of volunteers, staff from the city, township and schools, all coming together with one purpose.  We invite all citizens to come to Dublin’s Field of Honor to pay respect to the event that lives in our minds and hearts forever.

The opening ceremony will be on Saturday, September 10 at 6:00 p.m., just before sunset.  Throughout the weekend, simple, solemn remembrances will take place on the field, located just across from Cardinal Health Headquarters on the Dublin Coffman High School Practice Field.  And there will be a closing ceremony on Monday evening, after school children — many of whom weren’t even born ten years ago — will have toured the Field throughout the day.

In the days before the weekend event, you’ll see staff and volunteers preparing the field.  Beginning Saturday, September 10, you’ll see the massive field of flags, arranged in an Arlington-like setting over four acres of land.  You’ll see it walking or biking down Emerald Parkway.  You’ll catch a glimpse of it from I-270.  You might even see news coverage of our community’s salute.  If you do, take a breath.  Stop.  Pause.  Reflect and remember.  Better yet, come to visit the Field of Honor and pay tribute to the lost lives that changed ours from that day forward.  Thank a volunteer who has worked so hard assemble the flags and pound poles in the ground.  Purchase a flag for you and your family that will go towards a First Responder Scholarship Fund with The Dublin Foundation.  Help with tear down on Monday evening.  Or just come by and let yourself be in awe, listening to the bagpipes playing throughout the weekend.   However you choose to participate or observe…commemorate it.  You owe it to every one of those lives we remember that day.

More information on the Field of Honor may be found on the website or on Twitter.


~ Christine Nardecchia, Volunteer Resources Administrator for The City of Dublin

Oh my! Where did the summer go? If your house is like mine, we are making piles of school supplies, trying to adjust sleep schedules and having all the last minute fun we can enjoy before school starts!

My son enjoying one of his final school-free days!

Zoombezi Bay is open daily until August 23rd, then only open on weekends through Labor Day. Their new rides are a blast and the wave pool is the closest we can find to a beach in Central Ohio!

Big Boa Falls at Zoombezi bay

COSI has a great exhibit this summer called Dinosaurs: Explore, Escape, Survive that will be “extinct” after Labor Day. Be sure to go see and experience this 10,000 sq ft exhibit of fossils, interactive displays and a prehistoric maze before it’s gone – and their annual two week shutdown in September.

If you need a break from your house and want great discounts on these attractions, visit the Dublin Convention and Visitors Bureau web site to find information on the “Kids Eat Free” promotion. Discounted admission tickets, a fantastic Dublin hotel and free kids meals from a number of local restaurants are included in the package.

Have you played golf with the family this summer? The Golf Club of Dublin offers special discounts to Dublin residents and their patio has a beautiful sunset view over the course.

Have a fun-filled last two weeks of Summer Vacation!

~Post by Katie.

For those of you who love Gone With the Wind, now you have an opportunity to be a part of the magic yourself! On Sunday, August 14 from 1-5 p.m. the Kelton House will recreate the Twelve Oaks Barbeque from Margaret Mitchell’s famous book. So take a step back with this live history event, and join the O’Hara family as they enjoy the hospitality of their neighbors, the Wilkes’, at Twelve Oaks.

Scott Caputo as Ashley Wilkes, Teresa Carstensen as Melanie Hamilton, Ann Dewitt as Scarlett O'Hara, Chuck Miller at John Wilkes.

This event will set the scene for one of the most popular films ever made.Visitors will have the opportunity to wander the Kelton House and visit with Scarlett O’Hara, Ashley Wilkes, John Wilkes, Melanie Wilkes, India Wilkes and Mammy. Also, be sure to listen for Scarlett’s “fiddle-dee-dee” as she begins her personal saga against the backdrop of the Civil War. Plus, you can experience firsthand Melanie Wilkes’ sweet personality in the face of Scarlett’s never-ending jealousy. There will be some other period characters wandering about too, including some discontent slaves, to make the day seem more realistic.

As a special treat Karen Stewart, a local member of the Gone With the Wind fan group, “Windies”, will be on site with her extensive collection of memorabilia, reproduction costumes, and stores regarding the groups passion for the book as well as the movie.

Time: 1 p.m. – 4 p.m.

Cost: $5/ person general admission OR $20/ person general admission and barbeque dinner; $10/ children under 12; children under 6 are free — reservations recommended.

Museum tours will be available throughout the day with no additional charge. This event is part of the Kelton House’s Civil War Sesquicentennial Event that includes a series of lectures and activities throughout 2011 to commemorate the War.


~ Post by Lexi

I remember it well. The warm, August evening. One. Year. Ago.

Four hours until the big race, I google: “What to eat before a 5k.”

Oatmeal. Hmmm… I sat at my office desk perched above the Town Center Parking Lot watching the City of Dublin and IGS Energy prepare for an event, the Dublin Irish Festival 5k. You know, because hosting one of the world’s largest Irish festivals isn’t quite enough for this City.

In 2002, the 5k became the Thursday “Kick-off” tradition for the now 24-year old Dublin Irish Festival. (Like OMG I’m as old as the Irish Festival.) The 5k has grown from 400 to 1400 runners from around Ohio.

I always wondered why people run 5k’s. I had never run one before and I wanted to unveil the mystery.

I am here to tell the tale—and how you too, can survive the 2011 Dublin Irish Festival 5k.

1.       Feel comfortable. Wear your favorite spandex outfit or running gear if you prefer to not say “spandex.” I actually bought new sneakers in preparation for the event. Not necessary for everyone, but I had convinced myself that I would run faster with new shoes from the Columbus Running Co.

2.        Make your music mix. What gets your body moving? Some Gaelic Storm? (Shameless Irish Festival entertainment headliner plug) Some heart-pumping music can help you get through a gradual, yet surprisingly grueling hill.

3.       Talk to people. I signed up for the 5k without forcing any of my friends to join. Participants congregate in the Historic Dublin Town Center Parking Lot. One lady I met was a marathon runner. I learned she runs 5k’s to help her “kick.” I immediately felt worse about myself, but she had some great running tips.

4.       Choose your balloon. I was worried about setting my pace, but guess what? There are people you can run with that are pace setters- genius! They run with a balloon tied to them and it lists their distinctive minute per mile pace. I chose a balloon that had my 9 minute mile pace and it immediately took away stress I had about reaching my goal.

5.       Be a water diva. The “grab a cup of water while you’re running” technique is quite difficult. This is no time to be polite. Spot your water cup person on the side of the road, go in for the chug, and slam your cup on the ground. You’re an athlete today. (But don’t forget to gasp a ‘thank you.’)

6.       Maintain your bubble. A lot of people are running in front, beside, behind and maybe slightly on top of you. Break off from those runners that have no sense of personal space. I developed the ‘juke and sprint’ move to swiftly secure my bubble and my pace. Please contact for a diagram and/or lesson.

7.       Finish strong. If the large “FINISH” sign isn’t enough motivation to run faster, a crowd of people cheering you on will certainly help. I personally tricked myself into thinking everyone was there for just me. It worked!

8.       Reward yourself. It’s a fact: After a 3.1 mile run your body is dehydrated. That’s why there is an opportunity to replenish. This opportunity is known as The Dub Crawl. The Dub Crawl starts at 5 p.m. in Historic Dublin. Right where the race ends, how convenient! So drink up and say Slainte! (Cheers) you just notched a ticket to the Irish Festival, a T-shirt and talking points for a few days, “Hey guys… Yeah I ran the Irish Fest 5k… and I SURVIVED.”

Other important tidbits:

The Irish Fest 5k begins at 7 p.m. in Historic Dublin. You can register online or at the event. To register or learn more visit:

Live entertainment throughout the Historic District includes:

  • The Kells (5:30 – 6:45 pm) Ha’Penny Bridge Import Shop
  • Capital City Pipe & Drum (6:30 – 7 pm) Dublin Cornet Band (7:45 – 9 pm) BriHi Square Plaza
  • Two Too Many (7:45 – 9 pm) Dublin Village Tavern
  • Brigid’s Cross (8 – 11 pm) Brazenhead Irish Pub

Shops will be open with extended hours and many offer Irish Festival specials.

I’m highly favored to place first in the men’s and women’s divisions within all age groups.

-Post by Allison

Shop ‘til You Drop- Dublin Style!

Shopping is a great way to spend your free time in the summer- whether you’re buying for yourself or buying for others! For those of you both from Dublin, or maybe looking for gifts to bring home after visiting for the Dublin Irish Festival, here is a quick guide to some of my shopping spots in Dublin.

  • Ha’ Penny Bridge Imports: This store is FULL of Irish Attitude. Offering a wide variety of Irish and Celtic merchandise, some of my favorites to browse include Avoca Woolens, Belleek China, and Irish Jewelry. Once you step inside, you’ll feel like you actually traveled to Ireland! So stop by on your visit and pick up a kilt for that special man in your life or something on my very own wishlist, like a Claddagh ring for yourself!
  • The Morgan House: This is a great one-stop-shop for shopping and lunch! The Morgan house has almost everything you could want, most noted for its home accents but also selling my personal favorites, Vera Bradley bags and Pandora jewelry, there’s no way you will leave empty handed!

    Clothes from The Clover Boutique

  • Clover Boutique: This is a neat little shop for one-of-a-kind vintage and handmade merchandise. From beautiful jewelry made by women in Guatemala to clothes sewn by a woman in Delaware (Ohio), you are guaranteed a unique shopping experience. My favorite thing is, you can be helping a good cause at the same time, as many things are eco-friendly or sold to help the poor!
  • One Stop Bead Shop: For those of you who consider yourself crafty, this is the perfect place for you! As a full service bead shop, not only can you buy beads for your own projects, but you can take classes and create beautiful pieces of your own right in the store! I’ve never considered myself artsy, so if you’re the same not to worry… there are professionals to help you. No gift is more special than something hand-made, so be sure to visit when you’re in town!
  • Blankets & Booties: Everyone loves to pamper a cute little baby! Pop into to this neat store to find a great specialty baby gift over which everyone in the family will fawn! I have found that babies make such messes, no one can ever have too many onesies.
  • MJ’s Candy Bar: Perfect for people of all ages, MJ’s is considered one of the best candy stores in Columbus, MJ’s offers a wide variety of candies where you are sure to find the perfect one to satisfy any palette!

    The Sisters Sweet Shoppe

  • Sister’s Sweet Shoppe: I firmly believe you can never have too many sweets, so make sure to pop by one of the most delicious places in town. Most places only sell fruitcake at Christmas, but I know a few people who would like to eat it year-round, and thanks to these sisters I can make that a possibility! This is also a great place to go for some Buckeye favorites, which I have found make a great local gift for out-of-towners.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Dublin Convention and Visitors Bureau at 614-792-7666 or learn more about these places on our website.

~Post by Lexi