February 2010

March is always considered a lucky month in Dublin, Ohio–but this year one lucky visitor just might find that proverbial pot ‘o gold.

Ha’penny Bridge Imports of Ireland (located in Historic Dublin, Ohio) is partnering with CIE Tours International to host a chance for a lucky winner and his/her guest to travel to the Emerald Isle and experience the wonders of Ireland.

The process includes two drawings. The first drawing will be held at Ha’penny Bridge Imports of Ireland (at 3 p.m. on St. Patrick’s Day–March 17). The entry that is drawn will win a prize exclusively from the shop that includes:

• A framed copy of the Irish National Anthem
• An Ireland Street Sign
• A decorative map of old Ireland

This local winner will then be placed into the final drawing during the North American Celtic Trade Association’s annual tradeshow in April. As guests of CIE Tours International, the “Home to Ireland” winner will enjoy an 8-day luxury coach tour, which will take them to Dublin, Waterford, Cork and Killarney stopping along the way to experience the rich history and beauty of Ireland.

“Ireland has so much to offer its visitors whether they are Irish or not!  From the welcoming nature of the Irish people to the breathtaking landscape, the music and the charm,” commented shop owner Anne Gleine. “Ireland is a warm and magical place, and that’s why I jumped at the chance to help co-sponsor this lovely trip.”

No purchase is necessary (some restrictions apply).  Just visit the shop at 75 S. High St. in  Historic Dublin and enter to win.

-Post by Allison

(In the interest of helping Dublin, Ohio visitors find great deals on kids meals and family friendly eateries, we are featuring a guest post by Dawn Scheurle, creator of the popular site: www.kidseatout.com— “restaurant reviews from a mom’s point of view.”)

Going out to eat.  What a wonderful treat to be served, relax, enjoy great food, maybe have a glass of wine to unwind, and take a moment to reconnect with a friend or spouse.  Going out to eat with your kids.  Now that’s a little different………  

I’m not saying it can’t be great.  It just offers a few more challenges.

My name is Dawn and I am a Dublin resident, stay-at-home mom of 3 kids, and owner of a Web site called KidsEatOut.com: Restaurant reviews from a mom’s point of view.

So, a couple of years ago, I realized I had a problem.  My problem was this.  I like to eat out, I have 3 kids, and as much as I love Max & Erma’s for family dining, I needed someplace else to go! 

Living in Dublin, Ohio gives you a lot of choices, but I needed direction. I researched restaurant review sites online and found a lot of stuff, but nothing that pertained to the specific needs of families, let alone families in and around Dublin, Ohio.

I scoured the Internet for the kind of information I need as a mom, and just couldn’t find it.  I could find restaurant reviews, but they were mainly about the food (go figure!).  I could find a magazine article about the top 10 healthiest restaurants to take your kids, but only one on the list was in Ohio.  There were blogs listing kids eat free nights, but they weren’t located in Dublin, or even Columbus.  I just couldn’t find relevant, up to date information out there.  I began to think that if I was looking for this information, maybe other moms were, too. 

That’s how KidsEatOut.com was born. We do the research and visitors to the site can browse restaurants in the Columbus area, select one, and see just how ‘Kid Friendly’ the restaurant is.  Do they welcome families, have changing tables, kids deal days, booster seats, and kids menus?  Crayons?  

Something else I found in my research was the coveted, somewhat elusive, Holy Grail of eating out with kids.  Restaurants that offer Kids Eat Free days.  You’ve seen the sign in a window or heard about it from a friend, but remembering when and where?  That’s totally different.  So to help those out that don’t have a photographic memory (me), KidsEatOut.com has compiled a large list of over 50 local restaurants, sorted by days of the week, that offer discounts and free kids meals.  Everyone is cutting back in these tough economic times, so it’s a nice resource to have when you want to treat yourself and the family to a meal out.

Below are a few of the Dublin restaurants that offer kids deals. (Note:  Each restaurant has restrictions [age, time of day, purchase requirements, etc.])

  • Buffalo Wild Wings –  Kids meals are only $1.99 all day.  Balloon artist in the evening
  • Rise and Dine – Sawmill  –  Kids meals are $1.99, all day, every day
  • Max & Erma’s  –  Kids eat free on Tuesdays
  • Applebee’s  –  Kids eat free on Wednesdays
  • Hoggys  –  Kids eat free on Wednesdays
  • El Vaquero  –  Half price kids meals on Wednesdays
  • Baja Sol  –  Kids eat free Thursdays & Sundays

Dublin has some great kids menus too.  A few of KidsEatOut.com’s favorites are:

  • Jason’s Deli  –  Healthier and cheaper than fast food!  Plus free low-fat frozen yogurt for that little something sweet to finish off your meal!
  • Max & Erma’s  –  Still, and will always be, a family favorite.
  • Olive Garden  –  Unlimited family salad for sharing and good Italian food.
  • OutBack Steakhouse  –  Basic kid offerings PLUS grilled chicken, ribs, and steak
  • Bravo – Regular kids menu plus a ‘Grande kids’ menu for slightly older kids with more ‘sophisticated’ palates.
  • Panera  –  Each kids meal comes with an organic squeezable yogurt.
  • Bonefish Grill  –  Believe it or not!  (They even have changing tables!)
  • Matt the Millers – Fresh fruit is served with every kids meal.

Come visit www.kidseatout.com, and let us help you figure out where you’re going to go to dinner tonight!

-Guest Post by Dawn Scheurle

Today, the Dublin (OH) Convention & Visitors Bureau became a little greener. We launched our new Web site (www.IrishisanAttitude.com) … infused with lots of Irish Attitude.  Not only are we excited about the site because of the cool new design, but because there are several cool new features.  These include …

  • A new search function. Seek (your word) and ye shall find.
  • Easier navigation.  Across the top. Down the side. Everywhere you look.
  • Irish inspired itinerary ideas. You’ve heard us talk about our Irish Attitude. Now, we’re offering itinerary ideas so you can come sample some of the tastes, visit the attractions and see the (green) sites.
  • Insider tips. We found the deals, specials, hidden treasures and favorite local spots–(and we’re sharing the info).
  • An expanded section for Event Planners. Looking for some specific tools to help you plan your next event?  We can help there, too.
  • A new dynamic map of Dublin. Find detailed location info on Dublin attractions, hotels, restaurants, golf courses, shopping, city and more.
  • A Plan Your Visit Section offering quick access to all the tools visitors will need to plan a Dublin getaway (maps, itineraries, Visitor Guide, etc.)

 AND (drumroll, please) … perhaps the most exciting feature of the site is the NEW “Dublin Live” page. Created to resemble a bulletin board, the page contains “live” news feeds and recent updates on things that are happening in and around Dublin. These include recent Dublin blog posts and “Tweets,” video and photo uploads, as well as getaway packages and restaurant deals.

We’ll be adding to the site daily … enhancing the restaurant, shopping and attraction sections and more. So, stop back often. You never know what you’ll discover!

-Post by Mary

Hmmm. How to woo your sweetheart in a way that is both unique and memorable this Valentine’s Day? The Dublin, Ohio CVB has plenty of ideas to help make your job easier.

Stay and play.  Cozy up with your Valentine this weekend (or anytime through February) to enjoy a close-to-home retreat. Eight Dublin hotels have designed their versions of a memorable Romantic Getaway. Build your own package online, selecting luxurious inclusions ranging from champagne and chocolates to roses and bathrobes. Then enjoy a complimentary breakfast and late check out.  Packages start at just $104—make for an affordable and unforgettable getaway.

Take Time to Wine, Dine (and Shine).  Who can resist being courted over a lovely lunch or dinner? But nothing kills your romantic efforts more than a packed, noisy restaurant and a hefty bill. We’re proposing some off-the-beaten-path establishments that are whipping up some specials just for their Valentine’s guests—with prices that will make Cupid’s harp sing.  

  • TehKu Tea Company (55 S. High St.) Enjoy a romantic Tea, Spa and Dinner Package complete with violin music on Sat., February 13.  Treat your Valentine to some Butterfly Kisses or Chocolate Strawberry Cake … (both featured tea flavors). Reservations: 614/761-3808
  • Digger & Finch Scottish Pub (is offering a special dinner menu from 5-10 pm on Saturday for $27.95/pp. The price includes an appetizer, soup or salad; choice of main courses and dessert of Crème Brulee (with chocolate dipped strawberries). Oh … and a rose for each lady. Reservations: 614/889-8585 
  • La Chatelaine French Bakery & Bistro (65 W. Bridge St.) Enjoy a St. Valentine Dinner in a romantic old world European setting. The ($32.95/pp) Prix Fix Three Course Menu offers some culinary creations that will encourage a long evening.  Reservations: 614/763-7151.

Treats for your Sweet. There is chocolate, then there are Historic Dublin’s famous Sweet Treats.  

  • Sugar inc. (36 N. High St.) is hosting a High Noon Tea Tasting from 12-2 pm Saturday.  It is free—and they will feature their beautiful Valentine’s Day cupcakes and cookies for purchase. (614/389-3459)
  • Sisters Sweet Shoppe (45 N. High St.) The Sisters have been busy dipping, decorating AND filling orders for their famous Chocolate Covered Strawberries this week. These delectable darlings will only be available through Saturday. (614/761-1118)
  • Enjoy “All Things Chocolate” at Our Cupcakery (16 N. High St.) for Valentine’s Day.   Savor dark, white, Swiss, German, and Devils chocolate cupcakes or share one of the new “King” size cupcakes with your sweetie.  (614/659-1555)
  • Pick up some Graeter’s Ice Cream for the weekend. Take advantage of their Pint Sale through Sunday—just $3.29 each.

Nifty Gifts. So, if you’re going for the gift rather than (or in addition to) the night out—the rules are the same: it’s the unique thought that counts.

  • Ha’penny Bridge Imports of Ireland is featuring Claddagh and My Soul Mate rings, as well as the Valentine bead for Tara’s Diary bracelets. Take advantage of 25% off selected jewelry. Brand new arrivals include the Belleek 2010 Event Piece as well as divine imports from—you guessed it—Ireland. If jewelry is not her thing, wrap her in a red or pink cape or sweater or consider a woolen throw to warm her heart. Other inventive ideas? Toasting flutes and Irish fragrances.
  • Whole Foods has some great deals for natural Valentines: including two dozen roses for $19.99/ea and packages (including flowers, dinner and more) for $50, $75 and $100.

Hopefully, these ideas will help to make your Valentine’s Day memorable.

-Post by Mary

Ahhh… the cleansing strength of lemon zest, the pleasing scent of cinnamon, and the recovery powers of magnesium sulfate…

Magnesium sulfate?

Celtic Naturals, a Dublin-based handcrafted soap company, is true to its name and its mission.  All of their products are based on natural essential oils, not synthetics, and every ingredient has a purpose.

Celtic Naturals- Aviary Soaps

Celtic Naturals- Aviary Soaps

I got the chance to sit down with Angela Buckley, owner and head soapstress of Celtic Naturals. Who better to understand the benefits of magnesium sulfate than an Ohio State graduate with an engineering degree?

“Your skin is your largest organ,” said Angela. “It’s important to keep it healthy just like the rest of your body.”

Before the birth of the one-year old Celtic Naturals, Angela was working at Ashland Chemical, headquartered in Dublin.

“I rode my bike to work every day, unless the weather would prevent it, and being in that outdoor environment can be hard on your skin,” said Angela. “I wanted to make something that would be helpful to all athletes. When you’re focused on your workout, it’s easy to ignore your skin.”

As a seasoned tri-athlete, Angela knows how distance running, biking and swimming can affect your skin’s health. Her passion for triathlons paired with her efforts for environmental activism created a series of products that are guaranteed all-natural and effective. Don’t worry–you don’t have to swim  laps all day to be a customer . Celtic Naturals is committed to crafting a product that is good for the environment and easy for everyone to use.

“I want my soaps to be useful,” said Angela. “Yes, they are more expensive than a 97 cent soap from a drug store, but Celtic Natural soaps don’t dry out your skin. So in the end you are using less lotion because the soaps are so effective.”

Celtic Naturals does carry a line of lotions as well as lip balms, bath salt-bombs, and hand sanitizer. There are three different product lines for what your skin may need:

Celtic Naturals- The Sport Soaps

The Sport Line - Chain Bite Citrus

The Sport Line : For the sport enthusiast. Keep your skin in 1st place with soaps like Wetsuite A-Peel, Chain-Bite Citrus and Re-Cycle Mint.

The Aviary Line : For the outdoor enthusiast. It’s hard to stay clean when you’re gardening- try soaps with names inspired by birds- like Orange Oriole, Western Scrub Jay, Cinnamon-Bellied Flowerpiercer, or Brewer’s Blackbird (uses coffee to remove odors and dirt stains!)

The Heritage Line : The newest line from Celtic Naturals. Each soap is inspired by a different region and all have an antibacterial property. Try European Winters!

So why is magnesium sulfate good for your skin?

“Celtic Natural bath bombs are made out of Epsom salt which is primarily a magnesium sulfate,” said Angela. “ Research shows that magnesium can effectively enter the body through the skin.  Magnesium has been proven to reduce muscle soreness and spasms.”

Bath Salts & All-Natural Sanitizer

You can find Angela’s products online at www.celtic-naturals.com or at Serendip, a unique store in Powell, Ohio. Your skin will thank you.

Angela Buckley

-post by Allison

Last night, central Ohio celebrated the Spirit of Innovation with the Tech Columbus Innovation Awards–honoring individuals, companies and technology teams who made notable strides in technology during 2009.

Chery Herbert -Dublin Methodist Hospital

We are proud to congratulate our own Dublin CVB Board President–Cheryl Herbert for receiving the Outstanding Woman in Technology Innovation Award.

Cheryl was honored for her work with Dublin Methodist Hospital — the first fully digital, wireless hospital in Ohio, and the first hospital in the nation to integrate a fully digital environment with evidence-based design principles that promote and enhance healing. The “high tech, high touch” hospital opened in 2008. Congrats, Cheryl!!!

I’ve learned a lot about this Emerald City. One thing I’ve noticed is the special pride that pulses through a Dubliner’s veins. You could say we “bleed green” and collectively I know we make this city’s heart beat. Our professional workforce, entrepreneurs, educators, religious groups, service volunteers even our seasoned golfers work together with a fantastic hum that keeps this community so alive.

Dublin (OH) Irish Festival

Those that have left Dublin, Ohio still take a piece of Irish Attitude with them and now–that connection can mean influence.  That’s why I am inviting Dubliners, local and abroad, to help make Dublin, Ohio an even better place to live and work. All you have to do is Bring Your Event Home.

You may have your “real job” but at the same time you might be affiliated with another organization. This organization could directly relate to your career or maybe it’s your favorite hobby. For instance, you could work for Cardinal Health by day and be a toy tin train collector by night. Perhaps you’re looking for wedding accommodations or you’re planning a reunion? Whether your group is professional or of personal interest, you can positively impact Dublin by referring your events to the Dublin Convention & Visitors Bureau.

What do meetings mean to the City of Dublin?

The economic impact of a meeting or function in Dublin reaches far and wide. Meeting and event attendees who stay at Dublin’s hotels spend money directly in the City on dining, transportation and entertainment. Could you imagine a Dublin, Ohio without these vital programs, services and events? Here are just some of the things that are funded (at least in part) by the City’s bed tax:

Old Man's Cave Chalets Hocking Hills OH

What do I have to do?
You don’t have to be your organization’s decision-maker or meeting planner. Most likely referrers are professionals actively involved in government agencies, medical or trade associations, hobby or religious groups on either a state or national level. You just have to let me know some basic information about your group. You can stay involved throughout the bid, if you choose. Having local influence during the selection process has proven to help the city be chosen. Open your group’s eyes to Dublin and I’ll try my best to bring them here.

What do I win?
Every month, those who submit a qualified lead will be entered into a drawing to win dinner for two at one of Dublin’s signature restaurants. If the lead you submit is booked at one of our 15 Dublin hotels, you could receive our Grand Prize–
A free weekend stay at Old Man’s Cave Chalets in the beautiful Hocking Hills. You’ll be able to wander through Ash Cave and see its waterfall or explore Conkle’s Hollow. With more than 10,000 acres of deep forests, hidden trails, soaring cliffs, and sheltering caves, Hocking Hills offers some of the most unique outdoor attractions in Ohio.

Who do I contact?

Allison Potter

Feel free to give me a call or an email– I would love to hear from you!